Dashboard at Baremetrics

Marketing page for Laravel

Crew management for Tilla

Marketing site and product design for Forge

Brand, marketing and product design for Forty

Designer profile page for The Expert

Product design and brand for Shopify fastest growing app house Digismoothie

Survey results page for Exakt

Campaign performance dashboard at Operam

Who we are?

We’re a collective of world–class designers doing product, brand and marketing design at early–stage startups.

Founders call us when they want to move fast and minimize risk of failing.

With years of experience we created products that define new standards, drive growth and reach product–market fit.

As generalists we worked on pretty much any problem, but our specialty is complex B2B SaaS software.

We all were a first designer on a growing teams, so we know what to expect – and what bring with us.

We’ve done it again and again. And always enjoyed being part of teams with strong vision in the early days.

How do we work?

  1. Work directly with a designer

  2. Price per project, hourly or retainer basis

  3. Collaborate in shared Figma

  4. Share daily Loom updates on Slack

  5. Weekly check–in to review and plan work

  6. Type of work we do

    1. Strategy

    2. Research

    3. Product design

    4. Testing

    5. Design systems

    6. Marketing

    7. Brand

  7. Available to start in 1–2 weeks

Questions? Project in mind?

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